Dirty Santa Themes

Whether you are doing a Dirty Santa at home with your family and relatives, out with friends and acquaintances or at work with your colleagues, a themed Dirty Santa gift exchange can be a lot of fun. A Dirty Santa theme is a topic of sorts around which the gift ideas would revolve. Here are some of the popular Dirty Santa themes:


Baking cookies for Christmas has been around since there was Christmas tradition and cookies, but what you might not have known is that often Dirty Santa gift exchanges are themed and everyone brings funny cookies.

It may be challenging at work, but friends and family will often bake inappropriately shaped or decorated cookies and pastries that resemble various funny things not excluding animals who are making love!

If your group has a good sense of humor, inappropriate edibles can be a great fun not only to unwrap and enjoy, but to make as well, and we know Dirty Santa party is all about having fun, so why not?

Single Pound

This is also a common theme where all the guest bring gifts that weigh exactly one pound. It could be anything really, but the diea is that it must weight that specific amount: one pound.

Funny Clothes

Another great Dirty Santa theme is clothes. Everyone buys and brings in funny T-shirts, sweaters and even socks. These are especially fun, because after the gift exchange is finished, everyone can wear the gift they got and add to the spirit of festive evening!

Frugal Santa

If Frugal Santa is your theme, then you would be expected to bring a gift that does not exceed 10 dollars. You would be surprised how many great gifts there are that cost only $10 or even less. Have a look at the selection of gifts in that price range here

DIY Gifts

Another way to bust out our skills is to throw a DIY or self made gift themed Dirty Santa party. Everyone created their own gift to wrap and bring to the exchange. These could be anything as long as they are made by the guests, but it’s recommended to try and make these gifts funny.

Funny Self Made Cards

One of the most simple yet easiest to create and offering flexibility when it comes to humor. Self made Christmas cards with offensive and inappropriate language are great for parties with adults that can take some heat!

Funny Decorations

Everyone loves Christmas decorations, and this is one of those options where your DIY skills will shine. There are people out there who cherish funny Christmas decorations they stole at a Dirty Santa party years ago, you could be creating a gift that will be adored for years to come, just make sure it’s hilarious and everyone will want to steal it!

Know More Themes?

If you have used other gift themes at a Dirty Santa party and would like to share, please get in touch with is and let us know! We’d love to add it to this page!

Few Gifts

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What is the most important Dirty Santa rule?

If someone steals a gift from you, you can not immediately steal the same one back. Otherwise you'd get stuck in a never ending stealing loop.

What's a good date to hold a party?

It's recommended to run a Dirty Santa in mid December, but the best date is the one majority can attend.

Can only 3 players play?

Yes, 3 players could play it but it works better in larger groups, more the merrier.

What Is Dirty Santa?

Dirty Santa is a Christmas gift exchange game where guest swap and steal random gifts.