Planning And Organizing Dirty Santa

Dirty Santa party is only once a year, and as an organizer you will want to have put together an event that goes down flawlessly. It’s a great time of year everyone anticipates so taking proper steps to ensure everyone is up to speed with rules and can attend the party is important.

If you are planning the party, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

You will need to set the date when the party will occur. Decide what rules to apply to the gift exchange including the optional variations (this can be done depending on the size of the group). Then you must select the spending limit and theme for the Dirty Santa gifts and decide if the party is open for kids or if it’s adults only. Once you have all that information together, you can send out invitations to everyone and include the rules together with the invite.

Follow these steps by collecting RSVPs in order to have a ballpark idea of the number of people attending in order to determine the requirements for food, snacks and drinks.

It is common in families, circles of friends and even in corporate settings to do potlucks, where everyone brings in a dish of their choosing. This is a great option as it takes care of the food and drink element and at the same time allows everyone to embrace the sharing spirit of the Christmas holidays.

Tips On Choosing The Date

Choosing the Dirty Santa party date is important, because that will determine whether or not the majority of the guests will be able to attend. You want to aim at a date convenient for everybody to maximize the turnout.

If it’s a family or friends gathering, things are simple, but when it comes to corporate events, it;s best to aim at mid December, because it is more likely that everyone will be around and able to attend.

It is not uncommon to have post Christmas Dirty Santa parties and new years parties at work, but lot of people take these days off as a vacation, so it;s best to stick with the recommendation above.

Whether the weekend or week day would be better depends on your particular setting, and again, asking around in the group would help. Regardless of the final date, it;s a good custom to announce the date as early as possible to allow everyone to make arrangements and book the event in their calendar.

Informing Guests

It would be helpful to some of the guest who have not heard of Dirty Santa exchange to be directed to a good resource page so they can familiarize themselves with this yearly gift giving tradition. You can link to our website from your event page or email and make it a tad bit easy for your guests.

Have a wonderful time at your 2024 party!

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What is the most important Dirty Santa rule?

If someone steals a gift from you, you can not immediately steal the same one back. Otherwise you'd get stuck in a never ending stealing loop.

What Is Dirty Santa?

Dirty Santa is a Christmas gift exchange game where guest swap and steal random gifts.

What's a good date to hold a party?

It's recommended to run a Dirty Santa in mid December, but the best date is the one majority can attend.

Can only 3 players play?

Yes, 3 players could play it but it works better in larger groups, more the merrier.