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You may not have known this but the most common amount spent for a Dirty Santa exchange is exactly 20 dollars or less. Hence why most party organizers will set the price range for the gifts to be brought to the party to not exceed $20. Now that you know how much you want to spend, have a look at these Dirty Santa gift ideas that are all priced less than 20 bucks.

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Gift For $20 Or Less

Gift Types

There are a few gift categories that you might want to explore when finding a Dirty Santa gift:

DIY Dirty Santa Gifts

If the party theme allows it, or straight out requires home made gifts, then DIY is where you will have to shine. This means you will have to think outside the box in order to come up with some of the best DIY Dirty Santa present. Could it be a framed picture of the most annoying relative? Why not? Think what would make the group laugh and want to keep the your self made souvenir as a trophy!

Edible Dirty Santa Gifts

Gift ideas for Dirty Santa do not have to stop at objects that can't be eaten or consumed. Honey with flaming hot ghost peppers that delights at first and makes you curse like trucker later when you go number two is always a good, thoughtful gift and so is inappropriately shaped baked goods. The later will make all the women giggle and even the braves of men will not dare take a bite!

Best Dirty Santa Gifts

Lets not forget, that the best Dirty Santa gifts are the ones that will contribute to the fun, joyful atmosphere of the evening. The whole idea of the Dirty Santa gift exchange is to have fun, relax, unwind and have a good laugh. If your gift puts a smile on someone, you've already done a good job!

GAG Dirty Santa gifts

While GAG gifts seem useless, often they are some of the most memorable presents that people remember even years after the gift exchange. Those are items that are not only hilarious, but also have some unique attribute to them that makes anyone want to keep them and show it off as a prized possession.

Funny Dirty Santa Presents

You just can't go wrong with any gift that's funny. There are a number of hilarious Dirty Santa gifts for you to pick from what will surely make people grin and want to steal it. Make sure it's in good taste because what will fly with your friends and possibly family may not be something you would bring to your office or place of work. The last thing you want is an early retirement without pay!

Great Dirty Santa Gifts

Some of the greatest Dirty Santa gifts are the ones that are within budget yet makes everyone want to steal them. If you bring the best gift to the party, chances are it will be stolen the most. Often in order to encourage guests to bring good gifts, the organizers will set another present for the person that bring the best gift. This way you end up walking away with two gifts, one for the exchange and one for bringing in something everyone wanted.

While every group is different, you can bet that anything that's both useful and has the element of novelty and humor will be highly desired at the gift exchange.